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Top 10 Things to Do in Greece

1. Cruise on a traditional Greek sailing or fishing boat for the day – island hopping through the Cyclades, dropping anchor in deserted bays to swim and snorkel.

2. Hunt for brilliantly tacky souvenirs, like painted wooden donkeys and miniature Greek statues and vases, among the streets and flea markets of Pláka and Monastiráki in Athens.

3. Challenge mum or dad to a sprint in the 2700-year-old stadium at Ancient Olympia – and win.

4. Search for chameleons in the dunes near Giálova Lagoon (near Pylos in the Peloponnese) – one of the only places in Europe where you can find African chameleons.

5. See a Mediterranean monk seal before they become extinct. They’re one of Europe’s most endangered mammals (only around 500 are left), but you might be lucky enough to glimpse one in the seas around Alónissos – there are boat trips to Sporades Marine Park.

6. Catch a ferry from Piraeus to one of the islands in the Saronic Gulf. Aegina has beaches at Perdika and Agia Marina, Hydra has a harbour lined with tavernas and shops and Spétses has beaches at Agioi Anárgyri and Agia Paraskeví.

7. Explore the ruins of the Palace of Knosós on Crete, pretending it’s the legendary labyrinth of the Minotaur – a fearsome beast, half-bull and half-man, that devoured young victims lost in the maze.

8. Learn to sail a yacht around the Greek Islands.

9. Get full marks in your school project on Ancient Greece after delving into the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. School-age children studying the ancient Greeks will find more than enough inspiration at this extraordinary and recently renovated museum. Star exhibits include the Mask of Agamemnon (a gold death mask discovered at Ancient Mycenae) and a collection of bronze statues (Poseidon, Horse with the Little Jockey, and Youth of Antikythira) salvaged from ancient shipwrecks. It’s a huge collection, so prioritize some highlights or devise a treasure hunt to find your favourite characters from Greek mythology.

10. Imagine what happened to the legendary city of Atlantis when the Santorini volcano erupted some
3500 years ago.